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How Iran is Evading Sanctions

The International community has failed in preventing Iran from building a nuclear bomb. The regime has developed mechanisms around these sanctions. When Iran's secret nuclear program came to light a couple of years back efforts to convince Iran from building the program has been through two strategies. One is diplomacy where dialogue between Iraq and five members of the United Nation's Security Council and the other approach has been via sanctions.Check out

Diplomacy has failed thus the international community heavily relies on trade sanctions to deter the country from becoming a nuclear superpower. These sanctions were initially targeted to certain individuals in power and companies that were involved in getting raw materials and the technology needed to build a nuclear program. Over the last couple of years the sanctions have expanded and now include huge sections of the economy in Iran such as the oil industry and the financial system. Some of the sanctions issued include: bans on the sale of Iranian oil, blockage of technology transfer to the energy sector in Iran, restricted financial transactions, declined issuance of insurance on Iranian cargo and even the freezing of assets owned by particular individuals and entities in the regime.

These sanctions have retarded Iran's economy especially those imposed by America because of their global reach. They have forced businesses to choose between conducting business with the US or with Iran The Iranians are familiar with the devastating effects the sanctions have done so much so that the last presidential win was based on the manifesto that the candidate had on the domestic hardships such a fall in value of the currency, high inflation rates, high levels of unemployment and shortages in basic products. However, other quarters state that this was just a ploy to buy team at the negotiating table as Iran races to build its nuclear project.

Despite the ban Iran has found a way around these trade sanctions. Some of the tactics involved include: means of transferring funds; rapid creation, shutting down, renaming and reopening of shell companies. These strategies do not offer any business advantage but they serve the need of continuing their nuclear program. These strategies are not only intricate but they are also a cause of discomfort. However, the discomfort and damage created does not seem to be motivation enough to force the Supreme Leader to close Iran's pursuit in the nuclear business or even be willing to renegotiate with the West so read about Mark Dubowitz.

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